Skill Level Descriptions


A beginner’s a beginner. You should not have any prior dance experience to begin studying world dance. In general, a beginner has been studying world dance for up to two years. Age doesn’t matter as there are classes for young children, seniors, and everyone in between. A beginner world dancer can be classified as someone who needs an instructor to physically walk them through the basic steps.

You may still be taking a beginner class after a whole year of study, but the basics will lead to surprising results for your dance technique and your overall fitness. Hard work and patience is key for a beginner. Soon you will be on your way to taking the more intermediate classes.


Intermediate world dance dancers have a significant amount of experience in whatever style they are studying. You have to develop the “ear” for the culture’s music and pick up on the specific style and feel of the dance. Sometimes, people have a natural talent for listening and hearing the rhythm but don't get discouraged if you have to practice. Flexibility and stamina should match most of the other dancers in the class, however this is not always the case.

Some cultural dance styles don’t require much energy or flexibility at all while others place a lot of emphasis on both areas. Intermediate world dance classes require more difficult combinations along with an expected understanding of the dance language and terms. If you or your child has reached the level of intermediate, prepare for higher intensity and potentially a larger time commitment depending on the class or studio.


A beginner should not take an advanced world dance class, no matter what the particular type of dance is, because flexibility, stamina, and lack of prior knowledge alone will prohibit the dancer from keeping up and getting the most out of the class. Unlike some styles of dance, an advanced world dance class does not necessarily require commitment, but it does require focus and respect for the culture. These classes will most likely be for professional or pre-professional dancers looking for advanced performance opportunities or high intensity training and preparation for world dance competitions.