Benefits of Wrestling

This video gives inspiring testimonials from Olympic hopefuls on how wrestling has shaped their lives. Wrestling has been a great tool for so many on how to set goals, work hard, handle adversity, win graciously and loose with dignity. This video echoes these sentiments and shows wrestling as a true character builder.

Successful wrestling requires a strong commitment to mental and physical perfection. Wrestlers often develop a strong work ethic, dedication, agility and persistence that can be applied to other sports as well. Competitive wrestlers must maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes proper diet, physical fitness and mental stability, in order to perform at an optimal level. Wrestlers must learn to manage the disappointment from losing without it affecting future development.

Unlike many other sports, the one on one aspect of wrestling makes winning and losing extremely personal. Learning to handle adversity and bounce back after a loss, as well as winning with dignity, is something every wrestler must attempt to master. This humbling skill is said to build great personal character in wrestlers. Due to these attributes and requirements, wrestling is thought to be one of the best training tools to prepare individuals for the challenges of life.