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Fsociety, the hacktivist collective from USA Network’s Mr. Robot, is getting its own comic book prequel.
Series creator Sam Esmail is teaming with show writer Jeff McKibben and Black Mask Studios co-founder Matteo Pizzoloto to pen a prequel set before the events of Season 1. The creative team also includes illustrator Antonio Fuso (Survival Fetish) and colorist Tyler Boss (4 Kids Walk Into A Bank).
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Debuting in 2015, Mr. Robot is a thriller that stars Rami Malek as Elliott Anderson, a cybersecurity engineer with social anxiety disorder and clinical depression who’s recruited by the anarchist “Mr. Robot” (Christian Slater) to join fsociety, who’s aim is to take down the global conglomerate E Corp and wipe out debt. Well, that’s the premise, at least. The series takes many turns from there.
While the comic is set to launch in the fall, Black Mask in the meantime is hosting a panel Thursday at Comic-Con International, and alludes to the new project in a tweet:

Hello, friend. Curious what the secret Black Mask #SDCC2018 panel is Thursday at 1pm? "The world is a dangerous place… not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."
— Black Mask (@blackmaskstudio) July 16, 2018
Black Mask is known for publishing politically themed comics such as Calexit and the benefit anthology Occupy Comics. Therefore the company’s punk-rock ethic toward the medium fits with the hacktivist, anti-establishment themes of Mr. Robot.
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The Merc with the Mouth just became merch. Tamashii Nations will bring its latest figure in the Manga Realization line to Comic-Con International: San Diego this week, along with an accompanying comic. That figure is the Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool. The convention will be the first time the figure has been made available for purchase in the United States.RELATED: Wolverine Samurai Figure Introduces Feudal Japan to Weapon X
Tamashii Nations is well known for its line of Marvel Manga Realization figures, which reimagine Marvel comic book characters as high-tech warriors from Feudal Japan. Four of those characters will be included in the accompanying comic book from Jim Zub and Takeshi Miyazawa. Samurai versions of Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man and War Machine will be featured in the comic, along with an appearance by the Kabukimono Deadpool.
galleryGlobalArray.dom.push({"id":"1370292","name":"Tamashii Nations Kabukimono Deadpool Figure","images":[{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/Tamashii-Nations-Marvel-Manga-Realization-Kabukimono-Deadpool-Figure-1.jpg","title":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 1","caption":"","desc":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 1"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/Tamashii-Nations-Marvel-Manga-Realization-Kabukimono-Deadpool-Figure-2.jpg","title":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 2","caption":"","desc":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 2"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/Tamashii-Nations-Marvel-Manga-Realization-Kabukimono-Deadpool-Figure-3.jpg","title":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 3","caption":"","desc":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 3"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/Tamashii-Nations-Marvel-Manga-Realization-Kabukimono-Deadpool-Figure-4.jpg","title":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 4","caption":"","desc":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 4"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/Tamashii-Nations-Marvel-Manga-Realization-Kabukimono-Deadpool-Figure-5.jpg","title":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 5","caption":"","desc":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 5"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/Tamashii-Nations-Marvel-Manga-Realization-Kabukimono-Deadpool-Figure-6.jpg","title":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 6","caption":"","desc":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 6"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/Tamashii-Nations-Marvel-Manga-Realization-Kabukimono-Deadpool-Figure-7.jpg","title":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 7","caption":"","desc":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 7"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/Tamashii-Nations-Marvel-Manga-Realization-Kabukimono-Deadpool-Figure-8.jpg","title":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 8","caption":"","desc":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 8"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/Tamashii-Nations-Marvel-Manga-Realization-Kabukimono-Deadpool-Figure-9.jpg","title":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 9","caption":"","desc":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 9"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/Tamashii-Nations-Marvel-Manga-Realization-Kabukimono-Deadpool-Figure-10.jpg","title":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 10","caption":"","desc":"Tamashii Nations Marvel Manga Realization Kabukimono Deadpool Figure 10"}]})
The Kabukimono Deadpool figure will include two pairs of interchangeable hands, a pair of swords, a set of guns, three different options for eyes (yes, hearts eyes are included) and two gun holsters. The comic book is free for anyone who purchases a S.H.Figuarts or Manga Realization figure from Tamashii Nations’ booth at the convention. Tamashii Nations is located at booth #3545.RELATED: Captain America Gets a Samurai Makeover From Tamashii Nations
The term “kabukimono” refers to gangs of wandering ex-samurai at the beginning of the Edo period. These warriors were known for their flamboyant style, rudeness and unpredictability. Sound like anyone you know?
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Move over, T’Challa, there’s a new superhero in Wakanda!
Marvel has announced that Black Panther breakout character and Wakandan princess Shuri is starring in her own Marvel series this October. Appropriately titled Shuri, the upcoming comic book series is written by Nnedi Okorafor with art by Leonardo Romero. The debut issue will get a variant cover by artists Carlos Pacheco and Rafael Fonteriz and colorist Laura Martin.
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The new series sees Shuri stepping up to lead Wakanda after her older brother, T’Challa, is lost in the multiverse as seen in the pages of the new Black Panther relaunch by writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and artist Daniel Acuña. The advance solicitation information for the debut issue reads below:
“Shuri is happiest in a lab, surrounded by gadgets of her own creation. She’d rather be testing gauntlets than throwing them. But a nation without a leader is a vulnerable one — and Shuri may have to choose between Wakanda’s welfare and her own.”
The new development is not the first time Shuri has taken the Wakandan throne in her brother’s absence. The 2009 relaunch of the Black Panther ongoing series by Hudlin and artist Ken Lashley saw Shuri take the throne and mantle of Black Panther following the Marvel crossover event Secret Invasion after T’Challa was rendered comatose after fighting the Spider-Man villain Morlun. With her brother missing, Shuri must reluctantly lead her people once again.RELATED: Shuri: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Black Panther’s Scene-Stealer
“[Shuri is] an African young woman of genius level intelligence who is obsessed with technology and has traveled spiritually so far into the past that she’s seen Wakanda before it was Wakanda,” explained Okorafor in an interview with Bustle. “The Ancestors call her Ancient Future. And she’s super ambitious. What do I love about her? All that and more! She’s a character in the Marvel Universe who really sings to me.”
Okorafor had previously written Black Panther and the world of Wakanda in the miniseries Black Panther: Long Live the King and the upcoming Black Panther/X-Men crossover X-Men: Wakanda Forever scheduled to debut on July 25.
First created in the pages of 2005’s Black Panther #2 by Hudlin and artist John Romita, Jr., Shuri is stepping back into the spotlight as Okorafor and Romero forge the future of Wakanda while honoring its past in the new series.
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The Magic Order, Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel’s debut comic book series through Netflix adds another superstar artist to its roster for one of the third issue’s variants.
Tommy Lee Edwards provides a haunting new cover showcasing a spellbinding duel between two magicians in an empty theater. Edwards’ cover provides an ephemeral look at the secret war between wizards and the forces of darkness as the five families of magicians sworn to protect the world from evil are being picked off one by one.RELATED: Netflix’s The Magic Order Facebook AR Experience Will Unlock Extra Artwork & More
Debuting in June, The Magic Order is the first comic book series published under the Netflix banner through Millar’s creator-founded Millarworld. The imprint was purchased by Netflix in August of last year, with Millar developing new intellectual property for the streaming service while continuing to publish new and returning comics as part of the acquisition agreement.
Since the new series’s launch, The Magic Order has become the bestselling Millarworld title to date outperforming the imprint’s previous bestseller, Millar and Frank Quitely’s Jupiter’s Legacy. The solicitation information for next month’s third issue is below:
With each wizard brutally murdered, Madame Albany comes another step closer to seizing the dark power of the Orichalcum as her own. The next kill on her list: Leonard Moonstone. Is her gruesome assassin powerful enough to destroy the leader of The Magic Order?
RELATED: INTERVIEW: Millar Promises Shakespeare, Shagging & Sorcery In Netflix’s The Magic OrderThe Magic Order #3 is written by Mark Millar with art by Olivier Coipel. It is scheduled to go on sale on August 15.
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Marvel Comics, known for its cryptic teaser images, has just released one that is even more mysterious than most. Though this does include a date of July 18, the text — Blind Spot — doesn’t really reveal anything in and of itself.
The image doesn’t tell us much, either. Illustrated by an uncredited artist, we see a camera laying on the ground in what appears to be an alleyway, a piece of police tape draped across its telephoto lens. The color scheme of the background is a striking purple and black, which, again, doesn’t give us a lot to go on in deducing the project being teased.RELATED: Marvel Promises ‘Hearts of Darkness’ in New X-Men Black Series
The timeframe for the announcement also adds to the mystery. The most obvious superhero to be involved in this would be Daredevil, especially considering he’s been training a new hero with the codename Blindspot in recent months, but the next issue of his solo series doesn’t arrive until next month. There is a new issue of Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man arriving tomorrow, so the camera could be a reference to Spidey’s civilian identity, but it seems strange to promote an issue just a day out from its release.
Marvel did recently launch a digital comic for Cloak and Dagger a day after announcing the project, so it’s possible a similar digital-first series starring Daredevil’s current sidekick/protege will arrive tomorrow. It seems a bit odd to debut something like that on new comic day, though, and the prominent placement of the camera indicates its important to whatever is being announced. Perhaps we’re about to learn the creative team for Jessica Jones’ next series?
Of course, Comic-Con International in San Diego is being held this week, with tomorrow the traditional Preview Night for the show. While Marvel doesn’t have any major panels or events scheduled for tomorrow, there’s no reason the publisher wouldn’t capitalize on the increased press coverage that comes from the yearly event to make a major announcement the day before its big ticket panels kick off.
Whatever the answer to the mystery turns out to be, the wait will be a short one.
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Marvel Entertainment and IDW Publishing are launching a brand new partnership this November.
As part of a new publishing agreement, Marvel and IDW will begin publishing middle-grade comics intended for younger readers with Marvel’s library of iconic superheroes being licensed to IDW for all-age friendly monthly comics and trade paperback collections available through the direct market and bookstores around the country.
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The new line of family-friendly comic books launches with a new Spider-Man series in November starring Peter Parker and Miles Morales. This will be followed by an Avengers series in December and a Black Panther series in January 2019. Creative teams and story details for the three new series will be announced at a later date.
“From Iron Man to Captain Marvel, from the Hulk to Shuri — the Marvel pantheon has something for everyone,” declared IDW editor-in-chief John Barber in a prepared statement. “With this team-up, Marvel and IDW aim to bring exciting, all-new comics to a generation growing up in a Marvel world.”RELATED: IDW Hires John Barber as Editor-in-Chief
Last year, LucasFilm and IDW Publishing entered a partnership publishing all-age friendly Star Wars comics after working with Disney Licensed Publishing on previous projects. With this new deal, IDW expands their working relationship with Disney to include the extensive Marvel Universe.
“Marvel is excited to work with IDW to share these brand-new stories with our younger fans,” announced Marvel editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski. “Characters like Spider-Man, Black Panther, and the Avengers inspire us through their strength and determination, but they resonate with readers because of the struggles they face and the challenges they overcome. We want to share their journeys with our younger fans first-hand.”
“This partnership reflects the true spirit of collaboration at work,” added IDW President and Publisher Greg Goldstein. “As comic book publishers, IDW and Marvel are able to produce high-quality visual storytelling experiences for fans both young and old. By combining our efforts, along with Marvel’s ever-increasing presence in popular culture, the results will be spectacular.”
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If you’ve read Superman #1, you might have noticed a big change to a huge part of Superman history: the Fortress of Solitude has a new home.
The events of the recent Man of Steel miniseries saw a number of world-shattering changes to Clark Kent’s legacy. Lois Lane and Jon Kent went off with Jor-El on an adventure to explore the universe, the last bastion of Krypton, Kandor, was destroyed, the hero’s arctic hideaway was razed to the ground — and these are just part of the big changes Superman experienced.RELATED INTERVIEW: Bendis Talks Superman’s [SPOILER], Batman’s Big Mystery & His DC Imprint
It’s only fitting, then, that Brian Michael Bendis’ and Ivan Reis’ Superman #1 would “reboot” the Fortress in a sense, moving it from its sub-zero birthplace to the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. But why the change?
“We wanted something that was even more like when — when I saw the Fortress in the Arctic for the first time, it filled me with imagination,” Bendis told CBR. “So we decided we wanted to do a new Fortress and I wanted. I want to feel that same imagination. We were inspired by everything from the first Superman movie, to Scott Snyder’s introduction of the Hall of Justice, to the way Paul Levitz beautifully unveiled the Legion of the Super-Heroes.”RELATED: Bendis is Breaking Superman’s Reality Down, In All the Right Ways
As Superman treks forward in both Superman and Action Comics, Bendis promises that the new Fortress isn’t simply located somewhere different; it’s also packed with secrets.
“So this is goin to be a very exciting Fortress of Solitude with all kinds of cool new gadgets and, doors and fun stuff,” he said. “So it’s a biiiiig House of Mystery. And it’s connection to [its new location] makes it a completely different structure than the one that was in the Arctic.”Superman #1, by Brian Michael Bendis and Ivan Reis, is in stores now.
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Hallmark’s ’80s icon Rainbow Brite is back, with a brand-new, all-ages comic arriving in stores this fall.
Written by Jeremy Whitley with art by Brittney Williams, the series is the latest addition to Dynamite Entertainment’s line of kid-friendly comics. “Rainbow Brite captured the imaginations of kids born in the ’80s (like myself) as a fantasy heroine who could change the world not just through magic, but through kindness,” Whitley said of the series in statement. “She is a symbol of what can happen when we all work together and fight back against the shadows that want to drain all of the color from the world.”RELATED: Greg Pak Writing New James Bond Ongoing Series
Check out Dynamite’s complete press release, along with the first issue’s covers, below.
galleryGlobalArray.dom.push({"id":"1369981","name":"Rainbow Brite #1 Cover Gallery","images":[{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/rainbow-brite-1.jpg","title":"rainbow-brite-1","caption":"Rainbow Brite #1 cover by Paulina Ganucheau","desc":"rainbow-brite-1"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/rainbow-brite-2.jpg","title":"rainbow-brite-2","caption":"Rainbow Brite #1 Tony Fleecs","desc":"rainbow-brite-2"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/rainbow-brite-3.jpg","title":"rainbow-brite-3","caption":"Rainbow Brite #1 \"Classic Cover\"","desc":"rainbow-brite-3"}]})
Dynamite Entertainment and Hallmark today announced the classic character Rainbow Brite comes to comics and brings a little color to your life! The adventure begins for children and adults alike, as writer Jeremy Whitley (My Little Pony, Unstoppable Wasp) and artist Brittney Williams (Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat!, Goldie Vance) deliver a brand new all-ages monthly series.
Following the massive success of younger reader titles such as Grumpy Cat, Boo: The World’s Cutest Dog, and Bob’s Burgers, Nancy Drew, Dynamite Entertainment welcomes the most colorful girl in the world, Rainbow Brite, to their fall 2018 lineup.
“Rainbow Brite captured the imaginations of kids born in the ’80s (like myself) as a fantasy heroine who could change the world not just through magic, but through kindness,” stated author Jeremy Whitley. “She is a symbol of what can happen when we all work together and fight back against the shadows that want to drain all of the color from the world.”
In Rainbow Brite, Wisp and Willow are best friends who live in a small town. They are inseparable, until one night Wisp discovers something is stealing the color from the world. To escape their grasp, Wisp must use her wits and the help of a new friend…from somewhere else! Then the adventure begins…
“The world needs a young hero clad in a rainbow now more than ever in a world where things are often simplified into black and white and it’s easy for people to turn their back on people not like them,” added Whitley.
Jeremy Whitley is scheduled to sign Rainbow Brite posters from 4-5:30pm on Saturday, July 21 at the PopMinded by Hallmark booth #1505 at San Diego Comic-Con 2018.
“We’re very excited to release this series for younger readers,” said Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher of Dynamite Entertainment. “Rainbow Brite has some history in comics, so we’re pleased to bring her back to print with Jeremy’s story which fans of all ages will love.”
The debut issue of Rainbow Brite #1 delivers a wide selection of cover variants, providing fans and retailers a chance to collect the whole set! The cover artwork features the talents of Paulina Ganucheau (Zodiac Starforce), Tony Fleecs (My Little Pony), and a classic cover, respectively.
A Blank Authentix Edition will be available as a variant for Rainbow Brite #1 featuring the same great story, but with a blank cover for fans to get their favorite artist to draw their version of Rainbow Brite and friends.
Rainbow Brite #1 will be solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors’ August 2018 Previews catalog, the premier source of merchandise for the comic book specialty market, and slated for release in October 2018. Comic book fans are encouraged to reserve copies of Rainbow Brite #1 with their local comic book retailers. Rainbow Brite #1 will also be available for individual customer purchase through digital platforms courtesy of Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, iVerse, Madefire, and Dark Horse Digital.

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Dan Slott revealed a major detail about the mysterious new villain that the Fantastic Four will face in their new series, a villain that has come to be known as Eradikus.
As Bob Dylan sang in “Brownsville Girl:” “The only thing we knew for sure about Henry Porter/Is that his name wasn’t Henry Porter.” Similarly, what we now know for sure about Eradikus is that their name is not Eradikus.RELATED: Dan Slott Prepares a Fantastic Welcome Back for Marvel’s First Family
The mysterious new villain appears on the Humberto Ramos variant for Fantastic Four #1.
Slott filled us in on this surprising piece of information in an interview with CBR:
“What can you tell us about this new antagonist?
“You’ve seen sketches of them online with the place holder name of Eradikus. Their name is not Eradikus. [Laughs] That’s all I can tell you about them. You will meet them… soon.
“This a brand new Marvel character that you’ve never seen before, and you will find out how they fit into Marvel cosmology.”
RELATED: Fantastic Four #1 Variant Teases the Team’s First All-New Villain
As Slott notes, we first saw this new villain in Sara Pichelli’s design sheet (courtesy of Bleeding Cool) for the new Fantastic Four series. Pichelli’s striking design for the new villain caught the attention of many fans.
And sure enough, right next to the character is the name “Eradikus,” which we now know to be a placeholder name. Slott’s use of the word “their” even throws the gender of the villain into doubt.
Whatever the name of the character is, we’ll find out for sure when Fantastic Four #1 comes out on Aug. 8.
The post Dan Slott Reveals a New Detail About Fantastic Four Villain ‘Eradikus’ appeared first on CBR.

Stan Lee and POW! Entertainment have announced the release of Stan Lee’s Work Force, a new online comic starring none other than Stan Lee himself.
As first reported by Deadline, Lee and POW! Entertainment will debut Stan Lee’s Work Force tomorrow, July 17, at, with new chapters released every Tuesday and Thursday. Details are scarce, but the trailer seems to indicate a motion comic voiced by Lee.RELATED: Stan Lee Returns With Video Message to Fans: ‘You’re My Friend, I’m Your Friend’
Following the day-in-the-life of “writer, creator, movie star,” and now “boss” Stan Lee, Work Force chronicles the comic adventures of the comics legend and his team of super-powered office mates, as they battle adversaries ranging from interdimensional monsters to sentient copy machines.
The comic was announced a week to the day after Stan Lee dismissed his $1 billion lawsuit against POW! Entertainment, and five days after Lee and POW! issued a statement regarding the ownership of his social media accounts.
Today’s news is a much-needed break from what has been an increasingly strange and tumultuous year for the 95-year-old comics creator. His wife of 70 years passed away in December, and shortly thereafter, allegations of elder abuse were lodged against Lee’s caretakers, including his own daughter – claims which Lee quickly denied. Lee has since filed a restraining order against his business manager. He’s also claimed that his blood had been stolen and mixed into the ink for several collectible comics at Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. at Treasure Island.
Stan Lee’s Work Force will debut tomorrow, Tuesday, July 17, with new chapters dropping twice each week.
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Canadian players of the Magic: The Gathering trading card game will soon have to face a hike in prices, consequence of an ongoing trade dispute with the United States, reports the CBC. A retaliatory tariff, introduced on July 1, imposes a 10-percent fee on playing cards, including collectible card games such as Magic, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!.RELATED: Magic: The Gathering Bans Felidar Guardian from Standard Play
Although the tariff is primarily targeting major suppliers of poker decks — those used for ordinary card games and consumed in vast quantities at casinos — it also applies to other types of cards published for trading and gaming. Because the market for Magic cards operates differently than that of standard playing cards, the effects may be felt on a more personal level for Magic players and stores that  specialize in trading card games.Magic: The Gathering has been produced by the Seattle-based company Wizards of the Coast since its creation in 1993. Although many other collectible card games exist, none have reached the same level of long term cult popularity. The game has maintained a loyal base of customers for the new editions of cards that it continually releases, and some stores have built their success on selling new and used cards and hosting tournaments.RELATED: $15,000 Worth of Magic: The Gathering Cards Stolen From Comic Store
The tariff won’t affect Wizards of the Coast directly, but with no source for Magic cards other than the company that makes them, Canadian vendors are expected to increase their prices accordingly. Players will have to tap into their savings if they want to keep casting and summoning.
The post Magic: The Gathering Gets Caught Up in US-Canada Trade War appeared first on CBR.

Netflix’s hit sci-fi series Lost in Space, a reboot of the acclaimed 1960s Irwin Allen television classic, won’t just be continuing with its recently announced second season. Thanks to Legendary Comics, along with writers Richard Dinnick (Doctor Who; Thunderbirds) and Brian Buccellato (Detective Comics; The Flash) and artist Zid (Skull Island: Birth of Kong; Trick ‘r Treat: Days of the Dead), the story will also continue in the form of a four-part graphic novel expansion titled Lost in Space: Countdown to Danger.
“At Legendary Comics, we love the new television series, so we couldn’t be more excited to expand the world of show with previously untold comic book adventures,” Senior Vice President of Legendary Comics Robert Napton said in a statement. “There are some surprises in store we think fans will love.”RELATED: Lost in Space Season 2 to Begin Filming This Fall
“What is exciting about comic books is that they are not limited by budget—only by the imagination,” Executive Producers Kevin Burns and Jon Jashni added. “This ‘Lost in Space’ comic is no exception. Legendary Comics has outdone themselves this time.”
The reimagining of the aforementioned 1960s series debuted on the streaming service in April to largely positive reviews and an impressive audience, with Nielsen estimating 6.3 million viewers in its first three days. That’s better than either Marvel’s The Defenders or Black Mirror.
Here is the official synopsis for Lost in Space: Countdown to Danger:
Thirty years in the future, en route to a distant colony, the Robinson family finds itself thrown off-course when their ship crash-lands on a mysterious and dangerous planet. On this strange new world, they encounter a hostile environment and an enigmatic alien robot. In order to survive, the Robinson family must rely on their training, and they’ll discover that no matter how lost they are, their family is their home. The new graphic series offers readers the chance to explore new missions, not aired on television, as our heroes struggle to survive in an unknown world full of new creatures, unexpected visitors, and new danger.
RELATED: Yes, Netflix Knows Some Lost in Space Fans Think Robot Is Hot
The first volume of Lost in Space: Countdown to Danger, by Richard Dinnick, Brian Buccellato and Zid, arrives October 2018.
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Dark Horse Comics has announced the release of three new titles in Mike Mignola’s Hellboy universe later this year, shining a light into some brand-new corners of the monster-filled world.
The first book to arrive is a five-issue Crimson Lotus miniseries, showcasing Lobster Johnson’s biggest foe in her first solo title. Written by Mignola and John Arcudi, with art by Mindy Lee and covers by Michelle Madsen and Tonci Zonjic, Crimson Lotus explores the infamous spy’s childhood as a young girl caught up in the Russo-Japanese war. The series spans 30 years as Yumiko Daimio escapes through China after a vengeance-filled scheme results in international consequences and a couple of spies gunning for her.
galleryGlobalArray.dom.push({"id":"1369682","name":"Mignolaverse 2018 Title Covers","images":[{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/CRLOT-1-FC-FNL.jpg","title":"Crimson Lotus #1 Cover","caption":"","desc":"Mike Mignola (W), John Arcudi (W), Mindy Lee (A), Michelle Madsen (C), Tonci Zonjic (Cover)"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/HBYB56-1-FC-FNL.jpg","title":"Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1956 Cover","caption":"","desc":"Mike Mignola (W), Chris Roberson (W), Yishan Li (A), Mike Norton (A), Michael Avon Oeming (A), Dave Stewart (C), Dave Johnson (Cover)"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/HBYWS18-FC-FNL.jpg","title":"Hellboy Winter Special 2018 Cover","caption":"","desc":"Mike Mignola (W\/Cover), F\u00e1bio Moon (W\/A\/variant cover), Gabriel B\u00e1 (W\/A\/Variant cover), Tonci Zonjic (W\/A\/C), Ben Stenbeck (A), Dave Stewart (C)"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/HBYWS18-ALT-FC.jpg","title":"Hellboy Winter Special 2018 Cover Variant","caption":"","desc":"Mike Mignola (W\/Cover), F\u00e1bio Moon (W\/A\/variant cover), Gabriel B\u00e1 (W\/A\/Variant cover), Tonci Zonjic (W\/A\/C), Ben Stenbeck (A), Dave Stewart (C)"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/HBYWS18-ALT-FC-2.jpg","title":"Hellboy Winter Special 2018 Cover Variant","caption":"","desc":"Mike Mignola (W\/Cover), F\u00e1bio Moon (W\/A\/variant cover), Gabriel B\u00e1 (W\/A\/Variant cover), Tonci Zonjic (W\/A\/C), Ben Stenbeck (A), Dave Stewart (C)"}]})
Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1956, another five-issue miniseries, is written by Mignola and Chris Roberson, with art by Yishan Li, Mike Norton and Michael Avon Oeming, with covers by Dave Stewart and Dave Johnson. A synopsis of the series reads:
“Pressure is mounting within the bureau to uncover the Soviets’ secret plans, but a suspicious cover-up leads one agent off the radar in search of answers. Meanwhile, demonic Soviet occult leader Varvara pushes her team to follow her own whims, and Hellboy is sent on the mission that would lead to his infamous misadventures in Mexico. But even more clandestine plots are at work—both inside the B.P.R.D. and out. Three different storylines are interwoven in this espionage saga.”
The one-off Hellboy Winter Special 2018 features three winter-themed tales, including a Mignola and Ben Stenbeck story about Hellboy and “a New Year’s Eve séance gone wrong.” Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá return to B.P.R.D.: Vampire with a new tie-in story, while Tonci Zonjic writes and draws a story about Lobster Johnson. Dave Stewart supplies the cover.RELATED: Mike Mignola On Hellboy’s Future After Ending The B.P.R.D.: The Devil You Know
“From the beginning I knew Hellboy was going to be a book about monsters fighting monsters,” Mignola said in a press release. “I started off with a 4-page teaser about a shabby dog at a gas station turning into the Egypian god Anubis, and since I got away with that I just kept going — the Baba Yaga, the Penanggalan, demonic Mexican wrestlers, Irish goblins, flying Japanese heads — there’s a whole world of monsters out there, so still plenty of work for Hellboy to do.”
Crimson Lotus arrives on Nov. 21, with Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1956 following on Nov. 28. The Hellboy Winter Special 2018 is set for Dec. 12.
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DC Comics has announced the next round of their one-shot specials featuring crossovers between DC Comics and Hanna-Barbera characters. The new batch will be released this Halloween.
The four new specials will each be 48 pages long and cost $4.99. Each one of the four specials will include part of a four-part Secret Squirrel story by J.M. DeMattteis and Tom Mandrake.RELATED: DC and Hanna-Barbera Meet Again with New Round of Unexpected Crossovers
Mark Russell will team up with artist Rick Leonardi for Green Lantern/Huckleberry Hound #1, which sounds reminiscent of the writer’s unique blend of history and Hanna-Barbera characters in Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles. The Green Lantern/Huckleberry Hound mashup will be set during the Vietnam War as veteran John Stewart returns to the United States and has become a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Meanwhile, Huckleberry Hound has been making vocal statements against the war and the public has turned on him. When Huckleberry finds himself caught up in the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi, Stewart also arrives on the scene and things get complicated.
Sami Basri does the cover, with a variant cover by Yasmine Putri.
In a new twist on the Yogi Bear mythos, there is a spooky spirit bear who lives in Yellowstone Park and he is no longer just stealing picnic baskets. He is also now kidnapping campers. The rangers are forced to hire Deathstroke to take the bear down in Deathstroke/Yogi Bear #1 by Frank Tieri and Mark Texeira.
Tyler Kirkham does the cover, with a variant cover by Paolo Pantalena.RELATED: DC’s Gay Snagglepuss Is Now Officially Hanna-Barbera Canon
Superman must deal with the dangers of super food in Superman/Top Cat #1 by Dan Didio and Shane Davis. It appears as though there is a new villain who seems to be a sentient pile of… kale? Top Cat and Superman must team-up to stop this new threat, dubbed Kalien.
Shane Davis did the cover, with a variant cover by Emanuela Lupacchino.
Finally, when Dick Grayson visits Hollywood to meet with a movie agent, he discovers that the agent has been murdered and that most of the clues seem to be pointing to the agent’s biggest client, Magilla Gorilla. In Nightwing/Magilla Gorilla #1, Heath Corson and Tom Grummett have Dick don his superhero costume and team-up with Magilla to clear his name and track down the real killers.
Marcus To does the cover, with a variant cover by Jonboy Meyers.
All four specials are due out on Oct. 31.
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Marvel is bringing back a classic fan-favorite comic series, and the universe will never be the same again. And again. And again.
The publishing company is bringing back the What If? line of titles for six one-shots that will come later this year. Like before, the titles are set to explore an alternate series of events for some of Marvel’s most beloved characters and stories. With the simple question “What if?,” these stories examine a universe where one simple difference leads to a completely different reality.RELATED: Marvel Announces Superhero Mash-Up Infinity Warps Miniseries
The first two titles to be released will be What If? Spider-Man and What If? X-Men. These titles will explore what would happen if Flash Thompson became Spider-Man instead of Peter Parker, and what if the X-Men lived in a digital world, respectively. Then, What If? The Punisher will explore a world where Spider-Man is the Punisher, and What If? Ghost Rider will crossover the Spirit of Vengeance into the real world.
After this, it’s onward to What If? Thor, where the God of Thunder is adopted by the Frost Giants at a young age, instead of his brother Loki being adopted by Odin. Finally, What If? Magik will show you an alternate universe where Illyana Rasputin has the chance to harness her powers without any complication or drama — something that is set to make her one of the most heroic and powerful magic users in the Marvel Universe.
Check out all six covers in the gallery below:
galleryGlobalArray.dom.push({"id":"1369556","name":"Marvel Comics What If? Revival","images":[{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/X-Men-What-if.jpg","title":"Marvel What If? X-Men","caption":"","desc":"Marvel What If? X-Men"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/Spider-Man-What-If.jpg","title":"Marvel What If? Spider-Man","caption":"","desc":"Marvel What If? Spider-Man"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/Spider-Man-Punisher-what-if.jpg","title":"Marvel What If? The Punisher","caption":"","desc":"Marvel What If? The Punisher"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/Ghost-Rider-What-if.jpg","title":"Marvel What If? Ghost Rider","caption":"","desc":"Marvel What If? Ghost Rider"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/Thor-What-if.jpg","title":"Marvel What If? Thor","caption":"","desc":"Marvel What If? Thor"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/Magik-What-If.jpg","title":"Marvel What If? Magik","caption":"","desc":"Marvel What If? Magik"}]})RELATED: Marvel Comics’ September 2018 Solicitations
Marvel’s What If? one-shots are all expected to hit store shelves this October.
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James Bond is reporting for duty with a new creative team at the helm.
The iconic British super spy gets a new ongoing comic book series this November written by Greg Pak with art by Marc Laming in James Bond 007. The duo are joined by colorist Triona Farrell, letterer Ariana Maher, and editor Nate Cosby with the title published through Dynamite Entertainment and Ian Fleming Publications Ltd.RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: James Bond Origin Reveals 007’s Teenage Years During WWII
“I’m thrilled to have the chance to play with these classic characters, giving them the biggest surprises, the funnest toys, and the wildest plot twists we can come up with — and maybe even a surprisingly moving emotional endgame,” explained Pak. “And I’m hugely excited about this creative team, with Marc Laming giving us that sleek action and character work he does so well! Can’t wait ’til we can show you what we’re cooking up!”
galleryGlobalArray.dom.push({"id":"1369464","name":"James Bond 007 #1 Covers","images":[{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/james-bond-cover-1.jpg","title":"James Bond 007 #1","caption":"","desc":"Cover by Dave Johnson"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/james-bond-cover-2.jpg","title":"James Bond 007 #1","caption":"","desc":"Cover by Rafael Albuquerque"},{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/07\/james-bond-cover-3.jpg","title":"James Bond 007 #1","caption":"","desc":"Cover by Marc Laming"}]})
The new series has 007 track a smuggler to Singapore to recover a dangerous package only to cross paths with a mysterious Korean man looking to obtain the contents for himself. As the two men face each other in the shadows, they also find themselves targeted by the terrorist organization ORU and marked for death.RELATED: Gillen Earns His License to Kill with James Bond: Service
“I couldn’t be more excited to be working on a James Bond book with Greg Pak, Nate Cosby, and Dynamite,” revealed Laming. “I have loved Greg’s work since first reading Planet Hulk and Nate is one of my favourite collaborators in comics, he always brings such enthusiasm and positivity to every project he works on. And it’s BOND!”
Dynamite acquired the license to publish James Bond comics from Ian Fleming Publications in 2014, marking the first time official comics with the British secret agent had been published in twenty years. Since then, the titles have been well received by longtime fans and new readers alike with the new series looking to continues the adventures of 007.James Bond 007 launches this November written by Greg Pak with art by Marc Laming. The debut issue features covers by Laming, Rafael Albuquerque, John Cassady, and Dave Johnson.
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Revered director Duncan Jones has indicated he’s working on an adaptation of the 2000AD comic book property, Rogue Trooper.
Sunday, the British filmmaker posted a video to Twitter in which he speaks in a voiceover, pondering what kind of comic book project he’d like to tackle next. Concluding he’d like to return to his roots and tackle a property from his homeland, Jones remarks how it’s a “pity” there isn’t a Dredd sequel, while moving on to the thought of another comic book property he could assign himself to — perhaps another tale from the Mega-Verse.
Without revealing the actual property, there’s a rather obvious hint that the project he’s talking about is none other than Rogue Trooper. Check out the tease in the video below.

As promised…
— Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) July 15, 2018
Created in 1981 by comics veterans Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons, Rogue Trooper follows a blue-skinned, genetically-manufactured super-soldier named Rogue who resides on “Nu-Earth,” a post-apocalyptic version of our Earth that has been severely damaged thanks to chemical and biological warfare. In the universe of the Rogue Trooper comics, dead soldiers’ personalities are downloaded onto microchips; Rogue, the aforementioned super-soldier, acquires three chips belonging to his former comrades, in search of the Traitor General responsible for killing them.
Stay tuned to CBR through Comic-Con International in San Diego as more details are likely revealed.
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Celebrated writer and creator of iconic characters for Marvel and DC Comics, David Michelinie, clarified what it actually means to create a comic character, and why certain writers and artists receive the “co-credit” distinction. One character he is credited with creating, or co-creating, is Scott Lang. One character fans are quick to question Michelinie about are the creative rights for Scott Lang.
The dual identity of Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Scott Lang’s first appearance came in Tales to Astonish #35 in 1962. Michelinie’s long post on his personal Facebook account, dubbed “RANDOM MUSINGS,” was in reaction to a post that appeared on CBR entitled Comic Legends: Who Created the Scott Lang Ant-Man?RELATED: Is Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Quantum Realm Really the Key to Defeating Thanos?
While he is willing to give credit where it is due, Michelinie disputes the notion he shares credit for the genesis of particular ideas and characters when he spent time fully fleshing out their personalities and backgrounds. Michelinie wrote, “However, there are other characters that I came up with entirely on my own, sitting at the desk in my office, with no input from anyone else on the planet.”
He went further, addressing the claims of naysayers, stating, “But if I say I ‘created’ such characters–like Venom, Carnage, Taskmaster, Scott Lang and so many more–someone will come back with, ‘But what about such-and-such? He/She created them, too!’ And, according to some definitions, that’s true.”
Michelinie explained that Marvel assigned credit based on who drew and wrote a character’s first appearance, regardless of who conceptualized the character first and how briefly they showed up in the issue. He shared examples of this occurrence when he worked on Iron Man with Bob Layton and Star Wars comics with Walt Simonson.RELATED: Comic Legends: Who Created the Scott Lang Ant-Man?
Michelinie concluded by saying he would change his terminology, choosing to replace the words “co-creator” with something more original. “But the bottom line is that I alone ORIGINATED those characters. I was the first to think of them, I brought them into this world, and if I had never been born those characters would not exist. And there’s not a fact, opinion or argument that can change that.”
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Dan Slott and Michael Allred’s complete cosmic magical mystery tour starring Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood just got a gnarly new cover.
The universally acclaimed Silver Surfer run writer Dan Slott with art by Michael and Laura Allred is getting a hardcover omnibus edition this November. The compendium collects all 29 issues of the Eisner Award-winning series including a short story by the creative team that originally ran in the oversized one-shot All-New Marvel Now! Point One preceding the series in January 2014. To commemorate the occasion, the hardcover is getting a brand new wraparound cover depicting all the crazy characters from the series drawn by Michael Allred and colored by Laura Allred.
RELATED: Best Comics of 2017: Farewell to Silver Surfer’s Far-Out Love Story
The new cover actually replaces a previous cover by the same art team when the omnibus was first announced by Marvel with the star-crossed couple exploring the cosmos as seen below:
The full solicitation for the omnibus reads below:
(W) Dan Slott (A) Michael Allred (CA) Mike Allred
Anywhere and everywhere – hang on! Dan Slott and Mike Allred take the Sentinel of the Spaceways on his wildest ride yet – with a very special companion! Meet Dawn Greenwood, the Earth girl who’s enabled the Silver Surfer to see the universe with all-new eyes – and push its boundaries like never before! But that way leads to incredible dangers – like the Never Queen, Warrior One and Jumbonox the Giganormous! From perfect planets to wrathful warriors, from the end of reality to an all-new beginning, they’ll travel the length and breadth of space and time – and beyond! But what could ever make Norrin Radd willing to once again serve Galactus? Slott and Allred weave a cosmic-powered story of triumph, tragedy and boundless imagination! This collection includes the 2016 Eisner Award-winning story “Never After”! Collecting SILVER SURFER (2014) #1-15, SILVER SURFER (2016) #1-14 and material from ALL-NEW MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE.
Rated T+
Silver Surfer by Slott and Allred Omnibus Hardcover is scheduled for release on November 21.RELATED: The 15 Greatest Silver Surfer Covers Ever
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