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Image Comics has announced a limited run of variant covers in support of free-speech advocacy group The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF).
Tim Seeley, the man behind HACK/SLASH, and Image publisher Eric Stephenson have joined forces and rounded up a selection of both censored and uncensored covers for titles including The Last Siege, Bully Wars, Curse Words, Unnatural and many more.RELATED: Brian K. Vaughan on Saga’s Success, Controversy & the Future of Digital Comics
“Comics have been uniquely affected by censorship since the very beginning,” Seeley said in a statement. “I wanted to do something with my fellow Image creators to call attention to the problem, and to raise money for CBLDF to help their efforts to fight back. They own the Comics Code Seal of Approval, the censorship stamp that used to govern almost all comics until that organization died in 2011. We thought we’d bring back the Code for one month, to show how ham-fisted those censorship attempts were while having some fun making money for the CBLDF’s important work.”
Image Comics looks to be a natural bedfellow for the CBLDF, as the imprint has had its share of cover controversy and censorship. One of its latest examples came in 2017 when an issue of Howard Chaykin’s The Divided States of America featured a graphic lynching scene as its cover art. After receiving backlash, Image opted to pull the book and issue a statement that both apologized for the artistic choice, while also reminding readers of their commitment to freedom of expression. Another Image controversy occurred in 2013, when an issue in the popular series Saga was pulled from several digital platforms for featuring sexual scenes some distributors found objectionable. The latter episode prompted Saga creator Brian K. Vaughan to encourage readers to “…support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which helps protect retailers who are brave enough to carry work that some in their communities might consider offensive.”
The CBLDF has been working on behalf of challenged or banned comic works since 1986 when a young comic shop manager in Illinois was arrested and charged with displaying obscene materials. The shop’s owner, Frank Mangiaracina, sought help from comic artists and publishers to raise funds for his employee’s defense, and from that incident, the CBLDF was born. Over the years it has received vocal support from the likes of Vaughan, Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller and countless others within the comic industry and across a wide range of artistic disciplines.RELATED: Sean McKeever Returns with New Image Series, Outpost Zero
Check out the gallery of cover art below:
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The variant covers can be ordered from the CBLDF website until August 13th and will be available on September 5th.
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The upcoming comic book series Justice League Odyssey will take Cyborg and a team of cosmic heroes on a journey through the stars, and that journey once included cosmic dragons. Really.Odyssey artist Stjepan Seijic, who has done work for DC previously, took time out of his day to reveal some artwork for the lost first two issues of the book. The samples are truly wild, from the aforementioned cosmic dragons to Green Lantern Jessica Cruz looking like a fantasy character and Azrael at the helm of Brainiac’s Skull Ship. Though these concepts are no more, Seijic offered no ill will and promises the revised scripts will “take things to the next level.”

for the time being these will be the only samples of the discarded justice league odyssey issues i will show.
on the bright side, while the original scrips was completely nuts and epic, new one takes it to the next level.
no joke…
cosmic dragons!!!! XD
— stjepan sejic/ nebezial/ shiniez (@stjepansejic) August 9, 2018
RELATED: Darkseid Isn’t the Weirdest Character in Justice League Odyssey
Spinning out of the events of Justice League: No Justice, Odyssey will see Cyborg recruit Cruz, Azrael, Starfire and the recently reborn Darkseid on a quest to travel the galaxy and discover new planets that have emerged. The book was originally meant to release this summer, but has since been pushed to the fall.
The artwork appears to be the remains of what Sejic was able to salvage after a “miscommunication between production lines” back in June resulted in two full issues being lost. At the time, Sejic said of the miscommunication that “these things happen when you’re dealing with such large company machinery.” At least the artist was able to recover some of his work, even if those issues will never see the light of day.
Written by Joshua Williamson with art by Sejic and variant covers by Rachel Dodson and Terry Dodson, Justice League Odyssey #1 releases Sept. 26.
The post Stjepan Sejic Shares Lost Justice League Odyssey Art Samples appeared first on CBR.

Since it was announced, DC Comics latest expansion of its core superteam has focused on one surprising fact: Darkseid Is… a member of the Justice League?
But September’s Justice League Odyssey by Joshua Williamson and Stjepan Šejić is more than a showcase for the recently reborn evil lord of the New Gods. As the writer explained in a recent CBR interview at Comic-Con International, the space-faring team book will focus on an extremely unexpected cast, with perhaps its oddest member taking the most important role for the reader.RELATED: Justice League: No Justice Just Introduced a New Sector to the DC Universe
“People keep asking me about Azrael and saying, ‘Why is he there?’ Well, why is he there?” Williamson told CBR with a laugh. “I think he will play an important part of this, and people will be surprised. He’s definitely the oddball. But for me, every team book needs the POV character who’s being brought into this situation, and he’s a character that’s never been in space before. So he gets to be the POV for this story.”
However, the writer was quick to note that every hero (and villain) on the squad has a part to play in introducing the new status quo of DC’s cosmic corner. “It’s funny, because every time I talk about this I say ‘Jessica is the POV… no Cyborg is… no Starfire is. Because I really try to make sure each of them have an individual role and a voice in the book. But I think people will be surprised by the direction that Azrael goes.”
Overall, the goal for the Odyssey series is to explore corners of the DCU that are more dangerous now than they’ve ever been. But for Williamson, a primary creative focus is delivering an interesting twist on the Justice League franchise. “I always liked the side team,” he said. “When I was younger, I liked Justice League, but I also liked Justice League Task Force. And Extreme Justice! I feel like I was the only person who liked Extreme Justice… there’s nothing wrong with those jackets.
“I always liked that other side team that was a little bit on the oddball side, and that was the thing I wanted to do with this. We talked about doing a big, cosmic space book – doing something with the Source Wall falling and what that meant for the universe. What’s going on with the Fourth World stuff while this is happening? What’s going on with all the cosmic characters?”RELATED: Justice League Odyssey Will Feature the Return of L.E.G.I.O.N. to the DCU
As the book opens, the fallout from various recent DC event series will be front and center. “We put together this team that felt a little more ragtag, a little more Dirty Dozen, and we threw them off into space to see what happens. So we get to play around with a lot of the stuff that Scott [Snyder] has been developing – the stuff we did in Metal and the stuff we did in No Justice – and try and tell this really big cosmic story through the eyes of these characters.”
Williamson noted the way the title owes a debt to a classic DC storyline, 1988’s Cosmic Odyssey by by Jim Starlin and Mike Mignola. “If you go back and read that and then read No Justice, you can totally see the influence there. There was a lot of the same DNA. There was a planet blowing up in [the original], and we had Colu blowing up. The inspiration is very clear.”
Justice League Odyssey arrives September 26 from DC Comics.
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DC has officially revealed the contents of DC Nation #4, which will be available in comic shops on September 5th. While the content promised within the magazine is certainly interesting, perhaps the most eye-catching thing about DC Nation #4 is its bold proclamation that one of the characters shown on its cover will be killed off three weeks following its release.
The cover for DC Nation #4 features Robin, Harley Quinn, Green Lantern, Arsenal, Cyborg and Booster Gold. Below them is ominous text that reads, “…in 21 days, one of these characters dies!” Which of these six characters will meet their demise, as well as how long it will stick, are likely to be major talking points among DC’s readers in the coming weeks.RELATED: Scott Snyder Confirms He’s ‘On Justice League For At Least 50 Issues’
In addition to the morbid promise that an iconic character will likely bite the dust soon, DC Nation #4 will also feature the following:
A feature on Heroes in Crisis with insights on post-traumatic stress syndrome from a prominent psychologist.
An interview with Wonder Woman‘s new writer G. Willow Wilson.
Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp discussing Green Lantern.
Dan DiDio reveals the latest details on Sideways.
A look at new developments in Justice League: Odyssey.
A profile of Teen Titans‘ breakout star Crush.
Comparing and contrasting Action Comics and Superman.
A Direct Currents section spotlighting comics set to arrive in comics shops in October.
DC Nation #4 will be released for free on September 5.via PreviewsWorldKEEP READING: Tom King Says Batman #53 Is a Major Moment in His 103-Issue Run
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Matt Wagner has shared some “distasteful news” with his community on Facebook. Wagner was recruited as a penciller for Tom King’s upcoming Batman #54 along with his son, colorist Brennan Wagner. Brennan Wagner had nearly wrapped up the project when Matt Wagner received word that his son’s art would not be used and that the coloring work would, instead, be done by one of DC Comics’ in-house artists.
According to Matt Wagner’s explanation of the situation on Facebook, DC’s “powers that be” had determined that Brennan Wagner’s work was too different from the series’ usual stylings. Matt Wagner said he received the news from Batman group editor Jamie S. Rich, who he claims “went to bat for” for the father-son team. Matt Wagner also revealed that Batman writer, Tom King, was a fan of how the issue looked.RELATED: DC’s Pearl #1 to Reprint Bendis & Gaydos’ Citizen Wayne Batman Story
“Tom’s script is a heartfelt look at a father-and-son relationship and, rather than capitalize on the fact that they had a celebrated father-and-son art team on board for this issue… DC instead elected to fire the artist’s colorist/son for producing distinctive work,” wrote Matt Wagner. “Needless to say, I thought Brennan was doing a fantastic job and think this is a terribly shoddy way to treat not only him — this would’ve been his first full-length job for them — but also me, one of their longtime and supposedly respected creators. Regrettably, I’m now sorry I ever agreed to this gig in the first place… because this is just fucking bullshit.”
Matt and Brennan Wagner are together perhaps best known for their work on the Mage series, which was rebooted in 2017 as Mage: The Hero Denied. Much like how the duo collaborated on Batman #54, Matt Wagner works as the main penciller for Mage, while Brennan Wagner is the series’ main colorist. Matt Wagner is also the writer for Mage.RELATED: Detective Comics Gives Gotham City’s Bat-Signal An OverhaulBatman #54 is a deep dive into one of the hero’s most defining relationships — the father and son bond he shares with Dick Grayson, the original Robin. Dick went on to build his own superhero career as Nightwing, but the issue is slated to team up the two for the first time since Batman proposed to Catwoman. The issue looks to explore how their relationship has developed over time, and how Batman helped Dick overcome his grief over the loss of his biological parents.
A new colorist has not yet been announce for Batman #54.
The post Matt Wagner Says His Son/Colorist Has Been Fired from Batman #54 appeared first on CBR.

While the pitched battle at the heart of DC’s recently wrapped “Flash War” event may have set Barry Allen against Wally West, the most talked about reveal in the story was the return of another hero who once wore the Flash mantle.
And to hear writer Joshua Williamson talk about it, Bart Allen’s role in the future of the franchise is only starting to speed up.
The teenage hero who’s been known as Impulse, Kid Flash and briefly the Flash proper raced back into the DCU for the first time since the advent of the New 52 on “Flash War’s” final page. And Williamson says that secret moment was long in the works for his tenure on the comic.RELATED: What Does Flash Wars’ Major Return Mean for Barry, Wally & the DC Universe?
“I cannot believe we kept it a secret. I can’t believe no one knew,” the writer told CBR during Comic-Con International. “The first time I brought up Bart in a meeting was when I got the job. My original document had everything in it, and they said ‘No. You can’t do all that.’ But part of it at the time was that you can’t just go to them and say ‘I want this character just because.’ You have to have a story and a plan for that character. I would say about every six months I would bring Bart up. Actually, it took the first year of me having the job to bring him up again, and then I’d bring him up again and again. It would always come back around.”
But Bart’s return ended up being saved for a time when he’d have an impact on the broader DC Universe as Flash continues its long-simmering storyline. “I felt like the stars were finally aligning on big picture DC stuff so I could do this. And I remember when I put him in the script, I thought, ‘Someone is going to stop me before this happens.’ But I was able to pitch it and explain why it happens and how we’d move forward. Again, the stars just kind of aligned,” Williamson noted. “I was in the office the week we went to print, and we kept it such a secret that some people in the office didn’t know. Someone printed out a color copy of that final splash page, and I was even paranoid and said, ‘Put that away!’ I couldn’t believe we kept it a secret that whole time.”RELATED: Flash #51 Reveals the Post-Flash War Fate of Wally West
But now that the cat is out of the bag, Williamson can finally start telling the story Bart was meant to return for — one that will have even more consequences than the one he just finished. “The event that is ‘Flash War,’ that was really the first battle in the war. There’s a really big story we’re building to,” he said, noting villain Hunter Zolomon’s warning that a threat too massive for either Barry Allen or Wally West to handle was coming soon. “These’s a lot of unresolved stuff on purpose, because this is the opening battle of the big story we’ve got planned.”
Flash #52 arrives this month from DC Comics.
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As DC Comics is well aware, “even the best stories can be made even better with Batman.” That’s why the comics publisher will be including a reprint of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos’ “Citizen Wayne” storyline in their upcoming Pearl #1.
Announced on the DC blog earlier today, the debut issue of Pearl, the first book in Bendis’ Jinxworld line of creator-owned titles, will include the rare “Citizen Wayne,” a black-and-white Batman short story which was the very first work Bendis and Gaydos did for DC way back in 2000.
Bendis explained the decision to include the story in Pearl, saying it was a way to remind newer fans that his upcoming stint on Walmart’s giant-sized Batman title won’t actually be his first time writing for the character.RELATED: Bendis Talks Superman’s [SPOILER], Batman’s Big Mystery & His DC Imprint
Here’s Bendis’ statement in full:
Recently, DC announced that I’ll be writing some Batman [for the new Walmart 100-page giants]. It’s a big twelve-part Batman story with Nick Derington, and people were very excited about it. In fact, I was kind of overwhelmed by how lovely everyone was being about it. And in the conversations online, some of the older fans started laughing about how many people were saying, “Finally, Brian’s going to write Batman.”
The longtime fans were saying, “Brian has written Batman.”
Newer fans don’t know because it was a long time ago, but just before I signed with Marvel—just before I started Ultimate Spider-Man and Jessica Jones—Michael Gaydos and I were hired to write and draw a six-page Batman story. It was an Elseworlds Batman story called “Citizen Wayne.” It was Citizen Kane with Batman.
Genius, I know! You might want to sit down while you process how genius that was.
Not only was it not a genius idea, but it wasn’t even an original one! Mark Waid had done it six years before and no one had told us. But it is a lovely little curio. We love it, and we realized that it’s been twenty years and no one has seen it. Nor would they. It ran as a backup in Batman Chronicles #21.
So, I asked. I called up Dan DiDio and I said, “Hey, can we reprint that Batman story in the back of Pearl? People don’t know about it and it’s cute.”
Dan said yes, so our very first Batman story will be reprinted in the back of Pearl #1. People who have already ordered the issue are getting a bonus. This is on the house, as they say. For anyone else who wants a copy of it, pick up Pearl #1. You’re going to get a brand-new character from the creators of Jessica Jones and as a bonus, a pretty fun Batman story.
RELATED: Bendis Shares First Look at Nick Derington’s Art for 12-Part Batman Story
Pearl features the first original character from Bendis and Gaydos since the two created Jessica Jones together in 2001. The book, a “stylish crime thriller,” finds a tattoo artist forced to enter into “the world of professional assassination” while trying to maintain the relationships in her old life.
Pearl #1, by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, will be available on Wednesday, Aug. 15.
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Now that the new Fantastic Four series is upon us, it seems as though Marvel Two-In-One is preparing to take a step back, with Chip Zdarsky hinting in a Reddit AMA that he is preparing to conclude this chapter of the book. According to the writer, the series will be reinvented following the return of Marvel’s First Family.
During the AMA, a Reddit user asked Zdarsky whether or not Marvel Two-In-One will continue past November’s issue #12, given the fact that the Fantastic Four’s return is now in full swing. “We had a lot of discussions about what the book would look like after the FF came back, and ultimately decided that the FF book should have some room to breathe, and that we should work on reinventing Two-In-One,” Zdarsky responded.RELATED: First Fantastic Four #1 Preview Teases Reed & Sue’s Big Return
“I’ve written the outline for what comes next and the first issue, and I’m trying to keep it about the relationships between heroes and friends, for some sense of continuity between what we were doing and what’s to come next,” he added. “We’re still figuring out the name for it though, which seems to be the hardest part, weirdly. I don’t know if it’ll still be called Two-In-One or something else at this point.”
Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that there will be some major changes for Zdarsky this year. In this same AMA, he also announced he would exit Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man after next month’s issue #310.
The post Marvel 2-In-One Is Headed for a Reboot – Maybe appeared first on CBR.

Todd McFarlane is well-known for his co-creation of the character Venom, but one of his biggest, though most subtle contributions to the Spider-Verse may be the way he draws Spider-Man’s webs, with his style having become known over time as “spaghetti webbing.” Yet, ever since McFarlane’s 1988-1990 run on The Amazing Spider-Man, the origin of this term has more or less remained a mystery.
However, in order to celebrate the newly-coined “Spider-Man Day,” McFarlane revealed that the phrase “spaghetti webbing” was, in fact, coined by Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief at the time (who McFarlane doesn’t name in his post, but would have been Tom DeFalco) who coined the phrase while telling McFarlane to stop drawing Spidey’s webs that way — advice that McFarlane obviously did not take to heart.RELATED: Comic Legends: The Secret Origin of Spider-Man’s Spaghetti Webbing!
“I began that look right from the start of my run as the artist on the book and, over time, the webs got longer and longer,”said McFarlane in a Facebook post. “During one of my visits to Marvel, I was called into the Editor-in-Chief’s office. This wasn’t the first time I had been in his office to discuss Spider-Man‘s new art direction, but because I was messing with their icon character, some thought my style wasn’t appropriate.
“On this day, the conversation was going well, but I could sense some frustration in the chief’s voice. Finally, he couldn’t contain himself and he said, ‘Todd… I need you to stop doing those… those… those damn spaghetti webbings!'”RELATED: Todd McFarlane Shares Touching Story of His Recent Visit With Stan Lee
McFarlane recalls being ecstatic following this meeting, as he had not previously given a name to his design of Spidey’s webs and now had one practically thrown at him. “It was perfect!” he said. “I ended the conversation by telling him that I would stop doing them that way, then immediately went out and began drawing the next issue with the ‘spaghetti webbings’ twice as long as before!”
Given the fact that designs for Spider-Man’s webs continue to be patterned after McFarlane’s “spaghetti webbing” to this very day, this story of how the term was coined is certainly rather ironic.
The post Origin of Spider-Man’s ‘Spaghetti Webbing’ Revealed By Todd McFarlane appeared first on CBR.

Writer and artist Chip Zdarsky (Jughead, Howard the Duck) has left his mark on the history of the Webbed Wonder since he began working on Marvel’s secondary Spider-Man title, Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, last year. During his tenure, Zdarsky helmed such events as J. Jonah Jameson discovering Spider-Man and Peter Parker are one and the same and the return of Peter’s younger sister, Teresa, from the Spider-Man: Family Business graphic novel. As comics fans know, though, creators are bound to leave a series eventually, and Zdarsky is no exception.RELATED: Marvel’s Superior Octopus Debuts a New Weapon in This Exclusive First Look
In a Reddit AMA posted earlier today, Zdarsky confirmed that the title’s upcoming Issue #310, which he will be both scripting and penciling, will be his last for the series, though the creator claims it was a hard decision to make.Comment from discussion ChipZdarsky’s comment from discussion "Hello, how are you? I am Chip Zdarsky, artist of SEX CRIMINALS and writer of SPECTACULAR SPIDERMAN and MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE and probably other stuff. AMA".
“My biggest regret is that, talking with Nick Spencer, the stuff coming up in Amazing [Spider-Man] is so great that I wished I could stick around to play in the world he’s making,” said Zdarksy.RELATED: Chip Zdarsky Confirms Teresa Really is Spider-Man’s Sister
When asked what he would be working on next, Zdarsky said he couldn’t give away any details, but let slide that his upcoming project is “pretty cool.”
(via Reddit)
The post Chip Zdarsky Announces Spectacular Spider-Man Departure appeared first on CBR.

Since his failed wedding to Catwoman in Batman #50, Bruce Wayne has been a little on edge. And as Batman, he may be taking things too far while suspecting someone is moving against him. Writer Tom King has teased that the next issue might be one of the most important of his entire run.
“Comps arrived for Batman 53. The conclusion to Cold Days. With art by @Inkdropinc and @bettieb,” he wrote on Twitter. “In this 103 issue run, this is one of the big ones.” King also clarified some questions about the length of his run, explaining why it had jumped from 100 to 103 issues. “It’s 103 cause I’m selfish and want to do 100 that are just mine (7, 8, and 22 we’re cowritten with (great) other people.) There’ll be standalone one-shots throughout the run. One’s coming up in 54. Another in 61.”RELATED: Bruce Wayne Makes the Case For Mr. Freeze’s Innocence — But Is It Enough?
King’s run has reached its planned halfway mark, with Bruce Wayne is at his lowest point after Catwoman left him at the altar. He’s also serving on the jury for a case involving Mr. Freeze and Batman, and is the holdout who thinks Batman coerced a confession out of the villain for a crime he didn’t commit. He’s poised to reveal something about Batman that could prove he’s not as clean of a soul as people thought.
He’s also come to the conclusion that someone is framing Freeze, pointing toward a conspiracy — probably one that has something to do with the cabal that Bane has rallied around himself, as revealed in Batman #50. While Bruce is sequestered for jury duty during the events of “Cold Days,” Dick Grayson has been stepping in as Batman. The solicitation for Batman #53 suggests this could become a way for Bruce to leave the role, something the previous 50 issues have been hinting at.RELATED: Batman’s New Villain Takes a Page From Heath Ledger’s Joker
The question of whether Batman can survive Bruce becoming a happier man has become one of the themes of King’s run. This next issue will apparently make for a massive shift in the plot. And with the previous 52 issues showcasing a Batman who really isn’t all that happy being Batman, it’ll be fascinating to see where it goes next.Batman #53, written by Tom King and illustrated by Lee Weeks, hits shelves on Aug. 15
The post Tom King Says Batman #53 Is a Major Moment in His 103-Issue Run appeared first on CBR.

Stan Lee an almost-ubiquitous figure at comic conventions around the globe, appearing on panels and signing comic books and other memorabilia. However, in recent years the aging Marvel Comics legends has begun to lighten his schedule, reducing the number of convention appearances in the United States, and ending visits to Canada and Europe. Now it appears he’ll also cut back on autograph sessions.RELATED: Rob Liefeld Visits Stan Lee: ‘He’s Doing Really, Really Well’
Now 95 years old, Lee is unable to sustain the same level of activity that he once did, and he is not scheduled for any public autograph signings. However, Desert Wind Comics has advertised a list of rates for Lee’s signatures on merchandise, to be provided through the company’s Independent Signature Witnessing Services. For security reasons, the exact dates and locations of these events have not been revealed.
Lee’s health and well-being have been a source of concern over the past year. In addition to the death of his wife Joan, there have been reports of elder abuse and mismanagement of his finances, all of which appear to be a factor in his withdrawal from public signings.RELATED: Stan Lee Returns With Video Message to Fans: ‘You’re My Friend, I’m Your Friend’
Jonathan Bolerjack, who is helping with Lee’s affairs, told Bleeding Cool, “To be very clear, Stan is 100 percent not doing any conventions/public signings. In the last few years his well-being had been compromised by people for monetary gain and that practice is over.”
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The American Midwest is transformed into an arid dystopia in exclusive first look art from BOOM! Studios’ Low Road West #1, the new limited series from Eisner-nominated writer Philip Kennedy Johnson (The Power of the Dark Crystal, Aquaman) and artist Flaviano (I Am Groot, Spider-Man/Deadpool). The preview focuses on the series’ protagonists, a group of loosely-acquainted teenagers, who become stranded in an uninhabitable desert called the Oklahoma Dust Bowl.
Not all is as it seems in the new Dust Bowl, though. The preview art reveals that there may be a distinctly mystical aspect to the teenagers’ travails, as one, a young boy named Ben, is shown seemingly raising a deceased elk from the dead. Judging from the reactions of Ben’s fellow travelers, this isn’t exactly a common occurrence. An unseen speaker in the final panel of the preview eerily promises more dead things where that came from.RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: BOOM!’s Low Road West Takes the Fight to an Irradiated OklahomaLow Road West #1 is a debut issue of Johnson and Flaviano five-part series about a group of teenagers fleeing from their homes after a nuclear first strike leaves the American West Coast uninhabitable. The teens find themselves struggling to survive when their shuttle breaks down midway through the Oklahoma Dust Bowl. A nearby town offers some respite, with the added catch that strange phenomena seem to cling to the town — and things only get weirder the closer they get.
“Low Road West is a love letter to the journey we’ve all experienced as unsure teenagers, namely how sometimes it can feel like it’s the end of the world. Except this time, it literally might just be,” said Eric Harburn, senior editor of BOOM! Studios in a press release. “Phillip, Flaviano, Miquel and Jim have created a diverse cast of characters who not only have to find a way to survive the dangers lurking for them on the open road…but also find a way to survive each other.”Low Road West #1 goes on sale Sept. 12 and is written by Philip Kennedy Johnson with art by Flaviano.
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BOOM! Studios today unveiled a first look at artist Bill Sienkiewicz’s Mal Reynolds-focused variant cover for Firefly #1. Sienkiewicz is a legend in the comic book industry, whose work includes highly-regarded art for the likes of New Mutants, Daredevil: Love and War, Elektra: Assassin and The Sandman: Endless Nights, among others.
“There are a handful of artists who’ve helped redefine the language and look of comic books — and Bill Sienkiewicz is among the best,” said Jeanine Schaefer, executive editor at BOOM! Studios in a press release. “He captures everything we love about Mal — the swagger, the smirk and the sense that the minute you meet him, you’re in deep trouble.”
BOOM! Studios’ Firefly #1 marks the long-awaited return of the crew of the Serenity from the television series Firefly. Firefly, created by Joss Whedon, aired for only one season on Fox from Sept. 20 until Dec. 20 in 2002 but has since gained a massive fan following. A follow-up film, Serenity, was released in 2005.RELATED: New Firefly Comic Will Tell the Story of the Unification War
The upcoming comic series, written by Greg Pak (World War Hulk, Mech Cadet Yu) with art by Dan McDaid (Judge Dredd), will again focus on Mal Reynolds, captain of the Serenity. When a mission goes wrong, Mal finds that his past has caught up with him and a new breed of Alliance terror, the Unificators, are hot on his tail. Whedon serves as a story consultant on the series.Firefly #1 goes on sale in comic shops on Nov. 14. The issue is written by Greg Pak with art by Dan McDaid. Bill Sienkiewicz illustrated the variant cover seen below. The issue’s main cover is provided by Lee Garbett. Additional variants are provided by Jock, J.G. Jones and Joe Quinones, among others.
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A new tribute and pseudo-trailer for Avengers: Infinity War in the style of last year’s Logan is making the rounds to coincide with film’s digital release.
The video centers on highlights of Thanos from the Avengers film and features the song “Hurt” by Johnny Cash, just like one of the trailers for the reputedly final Wolverine solo film starring Hugh Jackman.
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This is the second time such a trailer surfaced online; the first one was posted just prior to the release of Infinity War.
Something of a trend in its own right, this phenomenon of parodying promotional material for Logan by substituting Thanos was started by the Russo Brothers. The Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War directing duo created and shared a mock poster on Facebook showing Thanos’s giant purple hand holding the tiny hand of young Gamora. In big, white font, the faux poster reads, “THANOS,” simulating the main poster for Logan last year.
Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, Avengers: Infinity War stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Bettany, Anthony Mackie, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chadwick Boseman, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Tom Hiddleston and Josh Brolin. The film arrives Aug. 14 on DVD and Blu-ray.KEEP READING: Avengers: Infinity War Directors Weigh In On Thanos’ Injured Arm
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Casting announcements for the TV adaptation of the Vertigo comic series Y: The Last Man have been steadily rolling in, but one key character won’t need to be cast at all. Ampersand the capuchin monkey will be portrayed mostly through special effects, said FX CEO John Landgraf in an interview with /Film.
Ampersand’s role in the story goes far beyond being the cute animal sidekick, although his appeal in that regard can’t be denied. The premise of the comic, written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Pia Guerra, is a plague that wipes out every male mammal on Earth. The main character, Yorick (who will be played in the show by Barry Keoghan), is the exception that gives the series its name – but his pet monkey, Ampersand, is another.RELATED: Why FX’s Y: The Last Man Adaptation Is Called Simply ‘Y’
The mystery that surrounds these two unlikely survivors means that the monkey couldn’t be left out of the TV show without drastically changing the plot. His presence was confirmed earlier by Landgraf, but it was unknown until now how this would be accomplished.
Capuchin monkeys are sometimes kept as pets, and have appeared in other live-action movies and shows, but using real animals in any kind of performance creates complications and concerns for their well-being. Given the amount of screen time that Ampersand is likely to have, many fans will be glad to hear that there won’t be a live monkey playing his part, and the advancement of CG animation in modern film should result in an impressive, realistic character.RELATED: FX’s Y: The Last Man Casts Amber Tamblyn
The television show will be called simply Y, and is being developed to air on FX by Michael Green and Aïda Mashaka Croal, who also serve as showrunners and executive producers. Vaughan will be an executive producer as well.
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When writer Charles Soule and artist Steve McNiven reintroduce Logan to the Marvel Universe in the Return of Wolverine, his newly-titled #HotClaws won’t be the only new addition. Soule revealed in an interview with CBR the primary villain for the miniseries will be a new antagonist named Persephone.
When asked if Return of Wolverine will be told through Logan’s perspective, Soule said, “I’d say it’s 93% Logan’s POV, but we get a few others here and there. We cut away to some of the X-Men a bit, and we see some events from the perspective of Persephone, the new antagonist of the story. She’s something else.”RELATED: Logan Unleashes His ‘Hot Claws’ For the First Time in Return of Wolverine Preview
While the only thing we know regarding Wolverine’s next opponent is her name, the knowledge that Return of Wolverine will introduce a new player to the Marvel Universe will certainly raise some eyebrows. It is quite possible this Persephone had a hand in bringing the former X-Man and Avenger back from the dead.
Wolverine died in Soule and McNiven’s Death of Wolverine in 2014, until he shocked comics fans by returning in last year’s Marvel Legacy #1, while in possession of an Infinity Stone. The Hunt For Wolverine one-shot kicked off the next stage of Wolverine’s comeback, spawning four miniseries that each dealt with a different investigation into the disappearance of Logan’s body.KEEP READING: Charles Soule Talks The Return of Wolverine And, Of Course, #HotClaws
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Jhonen Vasquez, creator of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Invader Zim, has posted a new, cryptic image of Johnny to his Twitter page, and it’s got his fans squeeing.
Posted late last night and pinned to Vasquez’s Twitter profile, the image is a pixelated .gif of the titular Johnny’s silhouette, standing still and silent and holding a blade behind his back. The accompanying text reads: “Murder comes in a handful of pixels. #JTHM”RELATED: SDCC: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Short Puts Jhonen Vasquez at the Helm
Though the .gif could mean literally anything, from a tease for an upcoming project or merely new art from the creator, many Johnny the Homicidal Maniac fans seem to be of the belief that Johnny could be coming back as a pixel game. Vasquez is, after all, bringing back Invader Zim, and was responsible for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles short a few weeks back.
Vasquez has not commented on the .gif, and, in interviews for his upcoming TV movie Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, the writer and artist has made no mention of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac being rebooted or revisited in any way.RELATED: SDCC: Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus TV Movie Teaser Clip Released
Following the murderous exploits of a young man named Johnny C., Johnny the Homicidal Maniac began as a comic strip in the 1990s, in goth zine Carpe Noctem, before moving to Slave Labor Graphics as a limited series comic book in 1995.
Jhonen Vasquez is a comic book writer, cartoonist, and music video director. In addition to Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, he’s the creator of spin-off titles Squee! and I Feel Sick, as well as the cult-favorite cartoon Invader Zim. His upcoming TV movie, Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, should be premiering on Nickelodeon soon.
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While Scott Snyder is offering up new teases for that big 2019 DC Comics crossover event, Justice League fans should have nothing to fear in the mean time — the prolific writer says he plans to stay onto the recently-relaunched comic series for “at least” 50 issues.
“Just for clarity: I’m on Justice League for at least 50 issues,” Snyder wrote in a post to Twitter. “Not going anywhere for a looong time.”
He added, “But! Every five or so issues of Justice League will be a LEGION of DOOM chapter where [writer James Tynion IV] tells the story from the villains’ side and reveals big secrets.”RELATED: Legion of Doom: Lex Luthor’s Inspiration & Recruiting Approach, Revealed
Teasing things to come beyond this year, Snyder said, “Each Arc of Justice League will be self contained, but they’ll build on each other with regard to the characters’ relationships and the bigger plot, all of it culminating in a big, big way in 2019.”
Snyder first revealed plans of his “massive” 2019 DC crossover at Comic-Con International in San Diego last month. “Everything is coming back, we want to pay it forward. The Omega Titans, Barbatos, the Forge, it’s all coming back,” he said at a panel. “Everything you read, our goal is to reward. All of it culminates in like a year in like a Metal event. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be saying that but I’m saying it.”
The next issue of Justice League, written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez, is scheduled for release on August 15.
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The upcoming Spider-Geddon event from Marvel will bring together all the remaining Spider-heroes, but one of them, the mech-based hero known as Sp//dr, won’t see their original creator come along for the ride. Jake Wyatt, the artist who originally created Peni Parker and her Sp//dr mech, was slated to do the art for Edge of Spider-Geddon #2 (which focuses on the duo), but now will be replaced by Alberto Albuquerque.
Created in 2014 for the Edge of Spider-Verse event by Wyatt and Gerard Way, Sp//dr is actually Peni Parker, a young woman adopted by Uncle Ben and Aunt May after her parents died. Hailing from Earth-14512, Peni controls the Sp//dr mech powered by a psychic connection and a radioactive spider. Peni managed to be one of the many Spider-heroes who survived the events of Spider-Verse, and her Spider-Geddon focused issue is a response to fans demanding her return in comics. She’ll be one of several Spider-heroes making her big screen debut with the upcoming Into the Spider-Verse animated film, in which she will be voiced by Kimiko Glenn.RELATED: Peni Parker, Spider-Ham, & Spider-Man Noir Join Into the Spider-Verse
While Wyatt won’t be doing the interior art for the book, he will still provide the cover for Edge of Spider-Geddon #2. The book’s updated solicits are as follows:
After Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance, The Umbrella Academy) and Jake Wyatt created SP//dr back in SPIDER-VERSE, she was one of the most requested heroes. With Spider-Geddon on the horizon, SP//dr is back. Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler are joining the team to bring you the next chapter in Peni Parker’s life and set the table for the Spider-Event of 2018!
32 PGS. /Rated T+ …$3.99
Edge of Spider-Geddon #2 will release on Aug. 29.
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Jason Todd’s always been the loose cannon of the Bat-family, but in the latest issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws, the former Robin may have finally crossed a line he can’t come back from.
In Issue #24, not only did it appear as though Red Hood straight-up killed Penguin, one of Batman’s oldest enemies, on live television, in the process he may have given away Bruce Wayne’s secret identity. Just before he shot Oswald Cobblepot right in the face, Hood took his mask off, revealing himself to the criminal and, depending on how the cameras were set up, the world. To make matters worse, since Jason is well known as one of Bruce’s adopted sons, it’s not a massive leap to presume some people might make the connection to Bruce being Batman.
It’s no surprise, then, that the next issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws is being promoted as a knock down, drag out fight between Batman and his former apprentice.RELATED: Red Hood and the Outlaws May Have Killed a Classic Batman Villain – Really
All of this is setting the stage for a major shift not only in the Red Hood’s approach to crime fighting, but his appearance as well. Following the resolution of the current storyline, Jason will put his featureless face mask and pop-collared jacket to rest, replacing them with a half-mask and brand new ensemble, including a new chest emblem.
After giving fans a glimpse of what’s to come with the solicitations for September’s Issue #26, in this week’s DC Nation magazine, new series artist Pete Woods shared not only the final version of Red Hood’s new look, but several dozen pieces of concept art he developed en route to Jason’s final form.RELATED: Jason Todd May Have Just Outed Batman’s Identity To the World
In addition to opening up the mask and showing more of Jason’s head, albeit shrouded under an actual hood, the new uniform is designed with the idea that while it may not offer as much protection as his previous outfit, it’ll do more damage to his enemies in fight. Hence, the “sawed-off screws and pointy tips on his shoes and spikes on his arm guards.” Jason will also bear new weapons, replacing his signature guns with a katana and a tire iron, a nod to his first appearance where he stole the wheels right off the Batmobile.
Check out Jason Todd’s brand-new chest symbol and solicitation text for Red Hood and the Outlaws #26, below.
written by SCOTT LOBDELL
art and cover by PETE WOODS
variant cover by YASMINE PUTRI
Jason Todd’s about to take this vigilante game to a whole new level. His partners, Bizarro and Artemis? Gone! His mentor, Batman? Out! His base of operations, Gotham City? Abandoned. Cast out and alone, Red Hood embarks on a bold, brutal new mission, with a new costume, new weapons and a new plan to punish evildoers across the DCU. Plus, Pete Woods (JUSTICE LEAGUE) joins writer Scott Lobdell as this new era begins!
ON SALE 09.12.18
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES
This issue will ship with two covers.
Please see the order form for details.
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