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Have you ever experienced a phenomenon called "tip of the tongue"? It happens when you have a word you are trying to recall, but can't. It feels like the word is on the tip of your tongue.
It happens to all of us but as we age, we often think it is related to memory loss. Good news! It's not. It's due to our language production.
"Older adults sometimes worry that tip-of-the-tongue states indicate serious memory problems but this is a misconception: tip-of-the-tongue states are not associated with memory loss," says Dr Segaert. "In fact, older adults usually have a much larger vocabulary than young adults. Instead, tip-of-the-tongue states occur when the meaning of a word is available in our memory, but the sound form of the word can temporarily not be accessed."
Dr Segaert conducted a study at The University of Birmingham study -- carried out in collaboration with the University of Agder in Norway, the University of Leuven in Belgium and King's College London and found that older adults' aerobic fitness levels are directly related to the incidence of age-related language failures such as 'tip-of-the-tongue' states.
Specifically, "In our study, the higher the older adults' aerobic fitness level, the lower the probability of experiencing a tip-of-the-tongue state.
"Importantly, our results also showed that the relationship between the frequency of tip-of-the-tongue occurrences and aerobic fitness levels exists over and above the influence of a person's age and vocabulary size."
This study is beneficial in that it shows a relationship between fitness and language skills. Many studies have shown the health benefits of exercise as we age but we now know that fitness can help us maintain our language skills as we age.

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Holiday season is quickly upon us and staying motivated throughout the next few months can be tough. Holiday parties, family gatherings, shopping and other holiday activities can lead to stressful times causing you to indulge in extra goodies and skip workouts. We all find those reasons not to workout or have that extra cookie, but there are so many reasons to keep exercising. Burning Calories – help combat those extra calories from that cookie by not skipping your workouts even if you can only get 20 minutes in, just make it a high intensity workout to burn those extra calories. You won’t have that holiday snug in your jeans and you feel better about yourself! Endorphins – speaking of feeling good about yourself! Exercise gets those endorphins going which are your feel good hormones. This will also help combat some of that stress you may feel during the holidays! Still find it hard to keep that exercise routine going. Exercise for a reason or make goals for yourself early in the new year. Christmas Light Run – best part of Christmas is all the Christmas lights. Find a neighborhood near you and run around looking at all the lights and holiday decorations. Race – find a race like a Jingle Bell Run or other local event to motivate yourself to keep training. Or sign up for a race early January/February making it more likely to keep those training runs up during the holiday. Get away from family – we all go through family overload sometime during the holidays. Make it a reason to get away from the in-laws and enjoy some alone time during all the holiday craziness. We all love the holiday season, but this year make it more fun by sticking to your workout regimen and if you need a little more motivation make plans with a friend to meet up a couple times a week to workout together. You both will survive the holidays a little bit better! Happy Holidays!