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Energy bars:
For active people who eat on the run, energy bars can be a handy emergency food. While bars should not routinely be used as meal replacements, they can certainly be a handy pre- and post-workout snack. When looking for "the best" bars, choose ones that are made with wholesome ingredients that you recognize. Gluten-free, Dairy Free are the Best Choices. Some good ones: Kind, Lara, Juice Plus+ Complete Bars, etc.
Nut butters:
Finally, peanut butter is being sold by the pouch, instead of by the jar! This makes it easier to toss into a gym bag or pocketbook. Several companies offer "easy squeezy" pouches in a variety of flavors. These peanut butter portions enable you to create satiating on-the-road snacks with PB and banana, crackers, or apple, to say nothing of the bagel you pick up on your way to the kid's school or your office. For weight-conscious athletes, nut butter in a pouch offers a controlled portion with 90- or 180- calories in a pouch (1 or 2 tablespoons). The good news is nuts are rich in vitamin E and health-protective fats, and nut-eaters are not fatter than nut-avoiders!
Ice cream Alternatives:
If you (and your kids) enjoy frozen desserts, take a look at Yonanas Healthy Dessert Maker ( For a treat that looks and tastes like soft-serve ice cream, simply toss into the kid-friendly Yonanas machine some frozen banana chunks and other frozen fruit as desired. Out comes "ice cream." The key is to use well-ripened bananas with brown speckles. Speckles mean the banana is sweeter than an all-yellow or green banana. During the ripening process, the starch (complex carbohydrate) in the green banana converts into sugar (simple carbohydrate). Banana adds the creamy texture and takes on the flavor of the other add-ins. (Think maple walnut, blueberry, etc.) You can also make "sorbet" with just frozen fruit.
Smashed fruit:
Such as PowerBar's Fruit Smooshie, is a moist alternative to dry energy bars. Mott's has a similar product. Their portable applesauce pouch offers 40 calories and no added sugar. Makes an easy-to-swallow, energy-boosting alternative at half-time, preferable to a slow-to-chew bar. The pouches are heavier, however; their water content will add weight to your fuel belt or backpack.
Dried fruit:
It's making a big comeback, and certainly offers a healthier sugar-fix than candy. Prunes have been re-named as dried plums, to create a new image.
Animal-Based Snacks:
Boiled eggs, cheese, Tuna or Salmon can be a snack if combined with some healthy carbohydrates. Keep calories from animal products to 10% of total calories. All animal-based choices should be wild, organic, steroid and antibiotic free, etc.