(Beta Testers) How to use the forums

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(Beta Testers) How to use the forums

Welcome to the TGS3 preview!

Please browse the forums to see if there are any relevant conversations about your question. If you find an existing thread that applies, please add to the existing conversation before starting a new one.

Note that when you're viewing a forum thread, clicking on "post reply" will take you to the comment form, which always exists at the bottom of that topic's thread.

If you don't find an existing relevant conversation, please create one new topic for each of your unique questions. And don't worry if you accidentally create a duplicate. They can be combined or moved later.

When you create the topic, you can select which "forum" or "container" to place it in. If you're not sure which container to select, then just leave it on its default. We can easily change the container later if need be.

Although today the forums are very "default" and only apply to general technical support, in the next round of testing each interest is going to have its own forums and containers, and it will be using this same forum system, along with any new improvements we add in the meantime. We welcome your suggestions. It is hoped that these forums will be active, and that site managers will play an active role in contributing to them. This is why we're getting it started on a small scale to work out the kinks.

Thank you!